Sekhm Energy Healing
Kemetic Energy Healing System (Reiki Seichem Sekhm), also known as Sekhm Seichem. Sekhm is the universal energy (such as chi, prana, or orgon). Find my book on Amazon, read the book, receive free attunement, and receive a certificate.
(Sílvio Guerrinha)
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It's not a business

Universal energy is free, so I amn't making it a business like the Reikians. I don't sell initiations for $120 per level... My book has a fair price (17 or 18 USD). Buy it, get initiation, and then find your certificate for free.


All the information (the three levels, the method of sending energy remotely) was concentrated in a single book. You can learn without having to attend several courses in person.


A system perfected by Sílvio Guerrinha, maintaining the ancient Egyptian tradition. Years of research and practice.


I advise people to send this energy freely, not monopolize it. By sending energy for free, you will be in tune with universal laws, helping others and transmuting your karma.
Sekhm Energy Healing

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