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Universal energy is known by several names, depending on the religious or esoteric system. In Hinduism, they call it prana. In the East, they recognise it by the name chi, in Egypt it was Sekhm. In Umbanda (afro-Brazilian religion), it is Ashé, the energy from the elements of nature, the Universe and the Orishas.
More and more new methods of energetic healing are showing up (shamanic reiki, atlantic reiki, quantum healing, among others), but they are different names for the same system. In fact, energy exists throughout the universe, around us, regardless of the name by which it is known. The energy is programmable by our intention and visualization, and then it goes towards the target. In this case, the intention is healing and spiritual evolution. We are not only helping others by practicing energy healing but also ourselves and evolving spiritually. We are then in harmony with universal laws.

I advise those people who make this thing a business or means of living, charging fortunes for each level of initiation, using arguments such as "I need to survive; this is a job like any other" to think better. Does the universe charge you for energy? A Reikian, or energetic healer, is an intermediary (medium) that only channels and directs this energy, which is free. Mikao Usui healed the elderly and the sick in his village, free of charge. When he rediscovered that system, he practiced charity. Nowadays, Reiki is different and has been distorted over time.

I, Sílvio, have a job to survive. I do not make this way of life. I could have created a "Reiki" school. I could have charged 100 euros for each level and gotten "rich", but I didn't choose that. My book costs from 17 to 18 USD, that's all. The reader gets a brilliant book, and receives Sekhm energy and a certificate for free.
All those who practice reiki systems and charge fortunes for that, can use all the "valid" arguments they want, but they are only deluding themselves. They generate karma, which one day later will be charged by the Universe.
What if people try to make money by giving courses and receiving payments to send healing with my book? It is their karma, I can't prevent it. I don't control what they do with my book, but it is their karma, one day the Universe will come to charge it.
Notice, I consider it normal for therapists and mystics to live from spirituality, it is a profession like any other. But it depends on what you do. I think it is fair to charge money to give a consultation for spiritual coaching, magic treatment, or tarot reading, as we are getting paid for our time, work, and spiritual and spiritual counseling. But when it comes to "Reiki" and energy healing, we are receiving energy that the universe provides us for free, and we are charging for it! Why? Think carefully...

Egyptian Reiki is an expression. Obviously reiki resembles the oriental system developed by Mikao Usui. I prefer energy healing. It is known as Seichem or Seichim, which are variants of the name Sekhm. Some authors argue that Seichem means "Living light" and Sekhm means "Power of intention". In short we can infer that it is an allusion to an intelligent and programmable energy.

SEKHM Energy is associated with the goddess Sekhmet (note the similarity of the names).

Sekhmet was the daughter of RA. Warrior goddesses, represented with the head of a lioness at times. It is associated with the cure of diseases and is the patron of energetic and holistic healers. In ancient Egypt (Kemet), doctors were also known by the title "Priest of Sekhmet".

«Dua Sekhmet, Dua Netjer, Ase Amen Ra Maat.»

Curious minds may think that what attracts me in the Egyptian healing System? The Egyptian mystical egregore is very strong and ancient, we connect with our Higher Self, we feel an involvement and a presence of the Egyptian deities (Neteru) in our life. The more we practice, the stronger this connection is.

The energy healing system was initially developed by Patrick Zeigler, when in 1979 he visited Egypt, after that some books appeared, but few, on the subject.
It is not easy to find solid information about Kemetic spirituality, much information has been lost over the millennia or has been deliberately hidden (papyrus never translated, omission of information, etc.). The few books in English on Kemetic spirituality have much speculation from the authors themselves.
In the last few years I have been researching in depth the Kemetic magic and spirituality, I recognize that it is necessary to search very deeply, to read rare paperback books (which are no longer in circulation) written by real black Nubian authors or of Arab origin, who are true connoisseurs of the subject, not all authors know what they write. You have to know how to choose which books to study :-)

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In conclusion:

This System is not prepared as a business model, receive and send energy for free. Just purchase the book, which contains the 3 levels of initiation, attunement with Sekhm energy, diagrams and illustrations to apply healing to yourself and remotely.
Receive free attunement and a certificate (via email).

Em Hotep

Sílvio Guerrinha

People who received the certificate:
Aline Barros (Niterói, Brazil), Deusicleia dos Santos Lima (Brazil), Selena Cozart (Charlottesville ,U.S.A), Carlos Caballo Tejada (Sevilha, Spain), Viktor Zubko (Maryland, U.S.A), Matasha Lyles Harmon (Minnesota, U.S.A). Patricia Gamito (Portugal). Linda Tical (Trieste, Italy). Luis Rainho (Portugal).

Be careful with greedy authors
Some greedy authors, in addition to selling Reiki courses, sell ebooks for 120 euros! Note that these are not paperback books with printing and shipping costs, they are eBooks!
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