Sílvio Guerrinha

Sílvio Guerrinha is from Portugal, born in the year 1979, Capricorn. An avid reader, a professional writer, and devoted spiritual researcher.
As a profession, he is a security worker and web-designer in his free time. He studied and practiced spiritualism and occultism since he was 17 years old, learned about chakras, mesmerism and mediumship in a well-known spiritism center in his city, Sines, Allan Kardec Spiritism. His studies and practices include meditation, magick, Egyptian Magick, Psychic development, crystal therapy, remote viewing, metaphysics, tarology, quantum physics.
Silvio prefers to read and write books based on scientific evidence and sources whenever possible, and he never uses ghostwriters or PLR books, nor does he hide behind pseudonyms. In 1998, he collaborated with esoteric magazines, in Portugal, and a few popular websites. He also published a book in 2004 about chakras and chromotherapy.
In 2000, he created his first website on Geocities (Guia espiritual) and a group on Yahoo that reached 120,000 members. He also joined a number of occult correspondence study groups, in which members published a periodical newspaper with all its texts and received a subscription by mail. One of the associations was from Setúbal called SEAPN (Paranormal Activities Study Society / Sociedade de estudo das Actividades Paranormais).
To solidify and test his own knowledge, he completed an online parapsychology course of 150 hours on June 8, 2018, at the Centre of Excellence. Some of his areas of interest are: Spiritism, Umbanda (afro-Brazilian Spiritism), Shamanism, Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Ufology, Law of Attraction, Gnosis, Cosmopaganism, Synchromisticism, Egyptian and Sumerian mythology, occult symbology, Alchemy, Tarology, Poetry, Quantum Physics.
In 2021, he collaborates again with texts for the magazine "Boa Estrela".

Interview with me on the Ramona Portelli website. Link

Dear visitors, Some people on Amazon have criticised and commented that I have mixed teachings from some of my other writings, such as the 11 laws of Maat, and that it is necessary to learn Reiki first to practice the Sekhm energy healing method.
First of all, Egyptian teachings have circulated in the form of manuscripts, translations, and books for seven thousand years; they didn't appear yesterday.
Obviously, there are hundreds of books that share the laws of MAAT. They are not exclusive to a specific author or book. They are universal laws transmitted by the goddess MAAT.
No book or author can claim to own any rights to hermetic teachings (from the time of the god Thoth) or the goddess MAAT, among others. The teachings of ancient Egypt (Kemet) have circulated for thousands of years from book to book, translations to more translations. No author can claim to hold the sole rights or authorship of such knowledge, we are just vehicles of this knowledge. As for Reiki, the Japanese healing system wasn’t the first or the only one. There are dozens of methods of energy healing, from magnified healing, pranic healing, Atlantean healing, shamanic healing, Usui reiki, seichem healing, etc. Energy exists for MILLIONS of years in the Universe and is free, energy is UNIVERSAL and any human being can channel this energy.
The universal energy in Hinduism was known as prana and in Egypt, it was known as Sekhm. IT IS NOT EXCLUSIVE from the Japanese system of Mikao Usui, so Reikians don’t insist that they own the last cookie in the package. It Iis not necessary to know reiki to be able to use other energy healing systems.
The Spiritist doctrine, for example, explains that all human beings have potential mediumship, some more developed than others. We are energetic beings; we have energy centers (chakras) and can channel universal energy into any system or method of healing. Energy is smart and follows intent.
It is a pity that the Amazon site accepts any kind of comments indiscriminately and doesn’t even give the authors a chance to defend themselves or clarify the reviews. My book upset certain lobbies because some live off of these energy healing methods, a monopoly that "sells" universal energy and initiations at 150 USD per level. I don't look for profit, I don't earn hundreds of euros with energetic initiations because I'm against it. I only sell the book for 16 or 17 USD, which bothers certain lobbies. I tried to be as rigorous as possible in the book and included pages with scientific studies carried out with groups of people and the sources of information for these studies. As for my experience is concerned, I've been writing and researching these topics for over twenty years (I started in 1998), and I've been a member of some groups and esoteric orders, such as AMORC, Ancient Egyptian Order (USA), Portuguese Spiritist Federation, Gnosis, among more, without wanting to expose too much of my privacy.
In 2018, I took a parapsychology course at the Centre of Excellence.
As for Reiki, I own what I said and what I have written. I have practiced Reiki and other healing methods. I learned about human magnetism, crystal therapy, and mediumship.

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